The Laundry Bin

7647 Broadview Rd. Suite 3

Seven Hills, OH 44131

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No time to clean work related laundry?

Some businesses require loads and loads of laundry, and it seems like it's never ending. You don't always have time to clean all your clothing, bedding, and other laundry items while still effectively running your business. Don't stress anymore, we'll wash your laundry for you.  

Heavy duty cleaning experience

The Laundry Bin has been serving Cuyahuga since 1998, and over the years we have mastered the art of heavy duty cleaning. Our dedicated and experienced staff has the capabilities to clean severely soiled laundry for commercial industries like welding companies, hospitals,  constructions crews and more.  

Laundry reconditioning is available

We proudly serve:

• Nursing homes

• Nursery schools

• Hair salons

• Correctional Facilities

• Rehabilitative centers

• Fitness center

• Welding companies

If your company requires reconditioning on bulk items like t-shirts, and medical scrubs, look no further! We will treat and recondition any bulk sale items and have them like new in no time.  

  • Construction crews

  • Steel service

  • Glass furnace workers

  • School sports teams and bands

  • Restaurants

  • Mechanic shop towels

  • If it involves laundry, we'll wash it!

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